Release, Relax, Unwind

An immersive experience



The miraculous touch of a woman’s hands offers an invitation to paradise and can bring a man into a state of total bliss.  Erotic massage relieves stress superbly and cannot be compared even with sex. 

The aroma of massage oil will let any negative thoughts fade away while the heat of a woman’s body will make even a man tired after work afire with passion. 

Don’t deprive yourself of a wonderful, memorable experience with us.  Visit us for an erotic massage and come away with unforgettable memories!

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Pretty Lady Massage image

The name speaks for itself. The massage is performed by a charming naked girl. A session starts with a classic massage which gradually turns into the erotic one after your body is completely relaxed thanks to petrissage, pressure rubbing, and effleurage constituting classic massage.

Dancing slowly and beautifully, the masseuse applies oil on her body and then on yours, which makes your skin heavenly soft as the babies! The girl starts to slide on your body with her body, breasts, belly, and bottom.


In erotic euphoria, you plunge into the world of new unknown feelings and emotions. At the peak of desire, your manhood explodes with a volcano, and waves of ecstasy envelop your body… You are overwhelmed with bliss and rest…

A special program for ladies performed, upon your discretion, by a naked
girl. This program is based on a body massage, generally with an accent on caressing erogenous zones and genitals.

This is an extremely exciting activity which after receiving a woman can never forget! The Professional masseuse of our salon will help to get such feelings which by far not every girl or woman could experience with an ordinary man or woman not trained in such wonderful art.

Outbursts of emotions and simultaneous calm and deliverance from everyday concerns will give you unforgettable feelings, a state of euphoria and lightness; every girl is worth trying what we can offer.

Salon doesn't offer sex services.